The 52 Best Photographs From Around The World In 2014



Phil Kneen Photography


At least once a week someone asked my advice about photography, about turning professional or how to get work published, but the questions, 90% of the time, revolve around equipment – “What cameras do I need to turn professional?” and “I want to get into portrait photography, but I can’t afford the same lens you use”.

Years ago, when I was just starting out in photography, I would buy a lot of magazines. A lot. I’d flick through them and the first thing I would do is find out what gear professional photographers were using at the time – cameras, lenses, film…even bags! I made the mistake then, the same one that people make now, in believing that if I used the same gear as David Bailey or Sebastião Salgado then my photos would be ‘as good’ as theirs, which is of course ridiculous. In fact, when I was in my…

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